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Jumanji The Next Level Movie Outfits, Jackets, Coats, and Vests

Jumanji The Next Level – The Gang Is Back But The Game Has Changed

The Hollywood Blockbuster, Jumanji The Next Level has been one of the most trending and top-grossing movies since its release announcement. The hype created for this movie has been phenomenal before its release because the gang is back but the game has changed. Even after the release on the 13th  of December, 2019, the hype increased because of its previous part “Welcome To The Jungle” which was a huge hit. The other main thing that celebrities who acted in the movie, have a huge reputation and the fact that they are of the greatest fashion icons in the history of Hollywood. 

The icons who took part in the Jumanji: The Next Level Movie are:

  • Nick Jonas who played the role of Alex’s avatar: Jefferson “Seaplane” McDonough
  • Dwayne Johnson who played the role of Eddie’s avatar: Dr. Smolder Bravestone
  • Nora Lum(Awkwafina) who played the role of Spencer’s avatar: Ming Fleetfoot
  • Karen Gilan who played the role of Martha’s avatar Ruby Roundhouse
  • Morgan Turner who played the role of Martha Kaply
  • Kevin Hart who played the role of Milo’s avatar Franklin ‘Mouse’ Finbar

The wardrobe specialist, Louise Mingenbach, choose the attire of each character of the movie. In this blog post, we review the Jumanji Movie Outfits that every cosplayer eagerly wants to know. 

Jumanji The Next Level Nick Jonas Leather Jacket

Nick Jonas, 27 years of age and a net worth of $25 Million, took on the challenging role of a character named Jefferson “Seaplane” McDonough, game avatar of Alex Vreeke and also one of the five selectable playable characters in the video game version of “JUMANJI”. Nick Jonas(Jefferson McDonough) wore a classic brown leather jacket also known as a pilot jacket. JacketsJunction has taken the liberty to recreate this movie-accurate design Jumanji: The Next Level Nick Jonas Leather Jacket with high attention to details. The jacket is made of high-quality real leather in distressed brown color, the inner lining is viscose and shirt style collar with shearling fur to keep warmth trapped around the neck area. Two pockets both on the exterior and the interior and the sleeves are zipper cuffed.  This jacket perfect to feel like a real Jumanji video game character or dress up like a Jumanji: The Next Level movie star.

Jumanji The Next Level Dwayne Johnson Leather Vest

Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. “The Rock” – a 47 Years old famous actor and WWE professional wrestler. He played the role of Dr. Smolder Bravestone in the new movie Jumanji: The Next Level. He portrayed as a strong, confident archaeologist, explorer, and the leader of the team and also the game avatar of Edward “Eddie” Gilpin. He was wearing a classic brown leather vest that grabs worldwide attention due to its style. JacketsJunction is the first one who crafted this Jumanji The Next Level Classic Dwayne Johnson Leather Vest the same as you have seen in the movie. Our artisans work hard to bring the character inspired outfits so you can now look the same as Dwayne Johnson. The article is made of high-quality leather with real fur lining, button style front closure, stand up style collar that gives exact look like a movie character. There are two pockets on chest, two on waist and two inside on this Dwayne Johnson leather vest. The combination of grey and brown color will create an everlasting impact and grab everybody’s attention. 

Jumanji The Next Level Premiere Dwayne Johnson Jacket

Dwayne Johnson was on the Premiere of Jumanji: The Next Level wearing this bomber style black leather jacket. It is a jacket which he enjoyed wearing and it made his muscles look prominent even through the thick sheepskin leather. So if you have a body that resembles that of Dwayne Johnson then this jacket is highly recommended for you. It is made up of High-Quality Sheepskin and with viscose lining on the inside. A shirt style collar with Faux Fur on the inside to trap warmth and provide extra comfort. This jacket is one of a kind with the zipper style frontal closure and open hem cuffs. It’s got two pockets on the waist and two on the inside. At JacketsJunction, our designers have produced this screen-accurate Jumanji: The Next Level Premiere Dwayne Johnson Jacket which you can make a part of everyday wear or fashion parties.

Jumanji The Next Level Awkwafina Leather Coat

Nora Lum(AKA Awkwafina) is a Chinese-American actress and rapper. Recently, she played the role of Spencer’s avatar and later becomes Eddie’s avatar: Ming Fleetfoot, a new avatar with skills of burglary, pick-pocketing and lock picking in the new Hollywood Movie Jumanji: The Next Level. In the wild, her apparel included a knee-length black leather coat. It is made up of Wool and full-grain Sheepskin leather with viscose lining on the inside and a stand-up style collar. It’s also got zipper styler frontal closure, open hem cuffs, and four pockets. However, JacketsJunction also created this Jumanji The Next Level Awkwafina Leather Coat for you to cosplay like a new avatar of the Jumanji game.

Ruby Roundhouse Jumanji The Next Level Karen Gillan Leather Vest

The Scottish actress, Karen Gillan played the role of Matha Kaply’s avatar: Ruby Roundhouse. An adventurer who is skilled in Martial Arts and wields nunchucks. Ruby Roundhouse wore a charming maroon and black colored leather vest. The material used on the interior is Viscose while Sheepskin is used to build the exterior. The frontal closure is a zipper style and two interior pockets. The special feature of this vest is that it comes with a removable hood while having a stand-up style collar. The artisans at JacketsJunction, work hard and gave high attention to every little detail to recreated this Ruby Roundhouse Jumanji The Next Level Karen Gillan Leather Vest. You can get an extra $10 OFF with FREE worldwide shipping.

Jumanji The Next Level Mouse Finbar Camouflage Vest


Kevin Hart, one of the funniest actors in Hollywood played the role of Franklin “Mouse” Finbar: Milo’s avatar (formerly Fridge’s), and later becomes Fridge’s avatar again. I the movie he is a small-time zoologist, weapons technician, and currently linguist. He was spotted wearing the most original-looking camouflage vest ever. His vest was made out of cotton fabric. The interior is made of viscose lining. An old-school V-shape collar style. There are a total of seven pockets, six on the front from chest to waist and one on the inside. Plus, there are a few zoology patches on the upper chest area. This vest has been perfectly recreated and now up for grabs on JacketsJunction.

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